Audience Choice Award.jpg
Collecting 'Most Cinematic Moment' award

In 2020, the team 'Sleepy Bandits' worked tirelessly over a 48 period for DVMissions 48 hour film challenge to create 'Zenith Arc'. The competitions obstructions included the line 'all those moments lost like tears in the rain' as well as the theme 'hip hop robot apocalypse'! Our efforts paid off and at the awards ceremony in Portsmouths wedgewood rooms, we were awarded awards for 'Most Cinematic Moment' and  'The Audience Raved About It', as well as nominations for 'Best Actor' and 'Best Professional Film'!


Another DVMission 48 hour film challenge! This time it was for our 2019 submission 'The Dragons Shadow' where I took on the role of  1st AD. This was my first DVMission and my first time as a 1st AD so I was really thrown into the deep end! The restrictions for this year were a Japanese Noir with the the line 'That is not the way to win. Is there a way to win? There's a way to lose more slowly'.

On set for upcoming short film 'Sleuth'

On set for my upcoming short film 'Sleuth' which is currently in post production! 'Sleuth' is a Noir Thriller about a detective trying to solve a murder case. The film touches on themes of loss, family and mental health. 

'Sleuth' went into production in April 2021 and despite travelling a difficult road to get there, the cast and crew were fantastic and we can't wait to see the final cut!

Here is a time lapse for the set build and pre lighting for my upcoming short film 'Sleuth' as well as some final touches to the props! We had a brilliant 3 days working at Apex studios before our final shoot day on location! The crew worked incredibly hard to ensure that production went smoothly